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I have this very bad habit of over thinking things, plans or people a lot, like I over think something at least 100 times (no lie) 
Back in April  I traveled to #California to mark off one of my #MamiGoals which was to take my Daughter to Disneyland for her 5th birthday. 
Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express Hawthorne

We aren’t much of a party people so instead I choose to take her somewhere more memorable or that I know she will enjoy more than just a party of 4-5 hours of not so much fun.
Hermosa Beach Ca
Hermosa Beach

Hermosa Beach
Hermosa Beach
This December I was dying to go back to #Cali and I kept on asking my mom, mom should I go? Or should I just buy Jailah (my daughter) a big Christmas gift? I kept on asking that question over, over and over again and also to every sibling, or person I knew. 
Than there was another uncertain question should we go to Florida or California? 
She loves the beach so that’s where this questions came from…
Hermosa Beach Ca
Hermosa Beach
We finally decided to make our way to #California
We purchased same day travel tickets (amazing deal by the way #ThankyouSouthWestAirlines ) same day packing and wheeeeee we were in #California by 10pm on December, 28th 2015.
101 Freeway
California 101 Freeway
We had an amazing time, each time I’ve been there its like I’m being resurrected
I become so inspired everything is just beautiful to me out there even the bad neighborhoods lol
Santa Monica Churros
Santa Monica Pier (Best Churros)
On of my fav things to do while in #Cali is going to Santa Monica although it’s always crowded it’s a must spot when you visit #Cali but mainly it’s because of the Churros
It’s always an amazing thing when you see so many cultures buying churros!
Santa Monica

Santa Monica Pier
Another place you can’t never go without sightseeing is the Hollywood Walk of Fame, although I’ve been there a couple of time is so cool to see so many people from all over the world mingle!
Walk of fame Ca
Hollywood Walk of Fame
Roosevelt Hotel
Although we have In-N-Out Burgers in Texas, you can never go to #Cali without hitting up the authentic one!
In N Out Burger
In-N-Out Burger North Hollywood 
Last but not least the place that brings all tourist to #Cali
the Hollywood sign!
Hollywood Sign
I hope you all enjoy this blog post and let me know what is your fav part when visiting #California
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