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3 Road Trips on My Bucket List for this Summer

May 2016 represents a very special month for me. 
May will symbolize paying off my veichle!!!!

Thank you lord! 
After May I am all into GOMO (Going Out More Often) motto and I am going in FULL EFFECT!

Road Trip

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I am trying to plan at least 3 Road Trips this summer.
 Road trips are the perfect way to bound with family or your children.
 I know a lot of people are afraid of road tripping with small kids, but don’t be, if you teach them from young age to do this kind of things, they will learn to road trip with no issues, trust me I’ve done it!
My daughter and I are usually the crazy one’s that just decide to take off after I get off work on a Saturday afternoon.
My daughter loves to do this as much as I do, so I am planning accordingly with kid friendly activities and places. 
Plus there is no need to spend a lot of dinero.
I am planning my road trips within the Texas area.
1. Austin Texas
Austin Texas
If you know me, there is one thing about me that is costing me a lot to change and that is being an outdoors person, I really do not enjoy going to the park and things like that. 
Austin brings out in my that outdoor person.
I love how green and beautiful this place is, I just can’t explain how much I love this city!
I was in Austin last year and I really loved it so we are going back to explore more.
2. San Antonio Texas


I was in San Antonio a few years ago, childless I must add. 
My daughter love’s everything about little details, so I want to take her to the River walk at night and have Mami and Daughter Dinner, she love’s things like this!
Not to mention how much Hispanic like culture you find in San Antonio.

3. Galveston Texas
Galveston Texas
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This is not my pick…. my cheeseball loves to travel here.
 We usually come here every year. 
We have done it for the past 3 years, and for some reason she loves to travel to Galveston, so 2016 is no exemption.
Any of you guys making some Road Trips this year?
I’d love to know!!
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