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I usually wait a while when it comes to spending mucho dinero in make up, specially if it’s a bit expensive.

I mean like a lot, a lot of time.

Jefree Star

I mean come on ColourPop is really good in getting almost identical shades for all major, hyped, and let’s be honest sometimes over priced lipstick brands.
I completely understand sometimes the formula is not the same, which is what makes us finally splurge on that more expensive product.

I finally gave in and decided to purchase one Velour Liquid Lipstick By Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

I have been eyeing the Kylie Jenner True Brown K lipsticks but ahmmm I am not spending $30.00 on the Kardashians.

I found the Velour Liquid Lipstick By Jeffree Star Cosmetics Dominatrix very similar to True Brown.
The price range was a bit more affordable to me, than the kylie one’s, not to mention I’ve heard good things about the Jeffree Star brand and formula.
The color pay off is really good, the wand on the lipstick it’s a bit weird I must add, not quite like the typical lipstick wand.
Over all I was very satisfied and pleased with the purchase totally worth my $18.00

Formula is really pigmented and long lasting and most importantly it doesn’t’ crack on your lips!!!

This lipsticks are totally worth the hype and the price!

What about you chicas, any of you have purchased this kind of lipstick?

I’d like to know!

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