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This summer is almost over…honestly I haven’t really felt like its summer, usually here in Texas we are all toasted by this time frame but we haven’t had a HOT HOT summer this year, util recently last couple of weeks and everyone seems to be bit*** about it already -___-

I enjoy going here and there once in a while, my daughter actually loves to travel and stay at hotels and of course it’s always a good thing I work in the hotel industry otherwise I don’t think we could go here and there very often.

So far we’ve taken two small trips, which were to Austin, TX and Galveston, TX. She loves the water, pools you name it, I tell her she will turn into a mermaid and she gets all exited lol.

Packing for trips is such a hard thing for us women don’t you think? we have soooo much stuff we ‘need’ that we just can just leave it behind even if it means not using it for one or two days, isn’t this true?

Back in April when I went to #California I stuffed a big ol’ 29 in, expandable rolling bag, and honestly I had more make up and shoes than anything else. 

I had to be sent back twice to re arrange my stuff so I wouldn’t have to pay overweight fees ughhhh worst thing ever.

Taking this smalls trips, I’ve learned to say no to all the beauty products I love and only take the ones that I actually need the most.

Take a look at my necessities for when I travel.

Skin Care

Murad Acne Starter Kit

Since my ance is on at a 100% I found this travel size Murad acne treatment (face wash not photographed)
I have been using this to sort of keep my acne less active and the size is perfecto to travel with.

Moisturizers ( I don’t know how to pronounce this in real life lol)

Clarant B3 – Normal to Dry

I recently started using this little boy, I remember when I was little back in Mexico my mom used to use this and I remember her having great results from it and the size come on tiny itty bitty!

POND’S Rejuveness Anti-Wrinkle Cream

This is something I have recently started using as well, up until my 26 years I have not use a anti-wrinkle cream or none of that matter, my mom used to get on to me for that. I incorporated this to my skin care routine to try it our and start preventing. I only apply this on my eyes and also my neck. I purchase the travel size not that big jar.

Ole Henriksen Ultimate Lift Eye Gel

Usually when you travel you tend to sleep later and waking up earlier to actually enjoy the trip specially if it’s a small one right? I use the little boy when I am more tired than usual, you know when you have that burning sensation in your eyes even after you washed them oh and not to mentioned they are puffy as they can be.


This is the good stuff….

Naked2 Palette

With thousands of eye palettes available or that you own how can you narrow it down to not carry everything when you travel…IMPOSSIBLE!

I have completed narrowed it down to this one right here, you can not go wrong with this one. Color scheme ranges from your pales to your deep colors everything you need right?…until you look around on your vanity and see all the other palettes you own….

Make up brushes – another hard thing to pack when you travel, who invented this???! lol

I narrowed it down to 6 brushes and this few brushes seem to be doing the job done while traveling.

Top to bottom:

2. Real Techniques Core Collection- Contour Brush (I don’t think they sell it alone)
3. e.l.f. studio Blush Brush
4. BH Cosmetics Blending Brush (Mine is from this collection)
5. Wet n Wild Eye shadow Brush (99 cents for this is awesoooome, I use this one for blending, I’ve purchased a few and so shred hair and some don’t, do not get discouraged)
6. Sonia Kashuk Brush- I am not sure about this one since I stole it a long time ago from my mom.


Maybelline Fit Me Dewy-Smooth with SPF 18

REAL TECHNIQUES-Miracle Complexion Sponge


Most of the time when we travel it tends to be somewhere where you will be sweating a lot, or often, with my pimples and acne I still try not to cake up my face therefore I try to bring the not so heavy foundations with me because they will just wash out with the sweat ewww grosss! lol

Since I’m having dry skin due to all the mess I been putting on due to my acne, I have been mixing this two boys and been getting good results, also applying this with the real techniques sponge has been giving me a better result than a foundation brush. &&&&& to top it all off just use your $7.00 setting spray for Mario Badescu and tadaaaaaaaaa!

What are your Travel Must Haves?!!

MARIO BADESCU-Facial Spray With Aloe,Herb and Rosewater


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