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BEAUTY: June Favorites


Once again, June came fast and it’s goneeeeeee! But that doesn’t mean it wasn’t full of makeup goodies! 

I slacked a little bit on my May postings, I’ve been having a rough time dealing with some work ish (the reason of my pimples) that kind of dropped my mood from 100 to 0, but I am back at it again and I will keep it coming pinky promise as my cheeseball would say!

I have listed the 3 items that I found my self grabbing, using, touching all month long!

3. Smashbox On the Rocks Limited Edition travel Makeup Brush Set

I purchased these little guys a couple of months ago. 

They were on sale at Ulta for $10.00, I remember one day on one of my trips to Ulta I had them on my basket and I ended up putting them back on the shelf because I believe the price was $18.00 at that time. Well I ended up finding them on sale on another trip and I still doubted my self to purchase them but I said “Fuck it you only live once” lol that is my way of convincing my self ok!!!

I really wanted this set mainly because of the fan brush, I wanted another fan brush to use for my highlighter, even though I own one from BH Cosmetics but this one from Smashbox is amazing! It applies your highlighter smoothly and effortlessly! I am not sure if you are still able to find it but if you do I will definitely recommend you to grab these little guys!

2. Sulfur Ointment Acne Medication (Pomada de azufre)

This is one of my holy grail product for my acne! I have been battling with acne probably for the past 6 months. My acne is mainly caused due to stress (work stress) which it sucks amazing big balls =( but I can’t help it. I have been using this product almost daily.

The product states that:

-Dries and clears acne pimples and blackheads
-Helps to keep new pimples and blackheads from forming
-Allergy tested

It states that you need to apply a thin layer on the affected area and leave it on for 10 minutes and wash it out (it does not state if warm or cold) 

That is not the method I use with this product, the way I use this product is just applying it on the affected area and leave it overnight, this has work wonders for me.
You can find this at WalMart near the deodorant aisle and those aisles.


1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Artist Palette


Ok, now that I got that out my chest (thoughts) let’s continue.

This palette is so versatile (in reality I do not know how to pronounce the word lol) you can go from neutral to something over the top. The one shade I can not get enough is “Dusty Rose” this color is the perfect crease color, transition color. I am still trying to see how I can play around with “Blue Velvet” without looking like a panda, if you have any ideas let me know so I can try it!

The price for this palette is incredible as well, as a single mother the guilt when I splurge on makeup is on a high level but I can honestly say that the $30.00 this palette cost is so worth and GUILT FREE!!

What were your monthly Favorites for June?

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