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I have got to be the weirdest girl out there or should I call my self un-girly? but I’m not un-girly I luff make up!!!

If there’s something I don’t like as far as girl things, that would be perfumes.

I have never been a fan of perfumes, there’s only two I have bought the past 10 years, and that makes my perfume collection!

So here is my “Collection” 

My all time favorite will be this one right here

I love the fact that is unisex, and the scent is perfect, soft, clean scent and remarkable.

This one I remember a cousin of mine always used this scent and ever since I fell in love with it.
It’s light and fresh!
So what about you all chicas am I the only one who’s pocket hurts to purchase a perfume lol! No but really it’s not about prices I am really not a perfume person at all….

I’d love to know your favorites – get sharing in the comments below!

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