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So lately (this month)I completely cut back on beauty purchases, and IT’S KILLING ME!!!

I had been spending quite some dinero on make up lately and I had to put a stop to it, 

mainly because I kept on purchashing things and sad thing about it is that I have not had a fair chance to actually sit down on my vanity and experiment with the products, BUTTTTT I have been craving so badly a few products lately, but I’ve been STRONG on not purchashing anything for a whole month, trust me it’s hard chicas!


I suck at curling my lashes without the curler and sometimes when I do my make up at work, I don’t usually have my curler with me and as mentioned I really really suck curling them with the mascara only. 
I’ve heard great reviews on the thing right here that I am dying to try (check my dramatization in the last sentence lol)


Soooooo I’ve tried the Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream Broad Spectrum SPF 35 and LOVED IT,  I love the fact that it has a great coverage for a pick me up look, you know for those days when you don’t feel like putting on anything on your face but when you look in the mirror you’re like ohhh I need some color in my life!! 
Almost every Youtuber came out with the review for the BB water for Smashbox and as I watched them I said ahmmm well I feel like this is one of those Hyped products not really worth it. Butttt I tried this one day I walked into Ulta and ahmmmm I really liked the coverage and the way it felt on my skin (my hand lol) I feel like this would be perfect for an everyday use for work!
Last but not least I have been poisoned with the ColourPop hype,I keep going to their website and putting thing on my Shopping cart than I just completely close my Internet window, I dont want to be weak to my promiseeeeee but it’s hard!!!

When it comes to eyesahdows I am a sucker for Metallic Rose Goldish colors, big time FAN of them. 
I saw the ColourPop- La La EyeShadow  and I can’t get it out of my head. This color in particular keeps popping all over my Instagram, which does not help my craving and I want it, I want it very mucho!
We all know Matte lippies all over the world and has been the biggest make up invention, ohhh and not to mention the Vampy/Dark ones,that is the reason why I feel the need (keyword) to get this bad boy Ultra Matte Lip- In LAX. ALso the other one I am totally wanting to try out Dr. M oh god! this color look spectacular and it’s something so OH GOD WHAT A LIP COLOR, and that can possible raise eyebrows but it looks very wearable, come one if we like make up we don’t need to worry about the “what would they think” Right?!!
P.S this last 3 items I am definately getting like soon soon, I mean all the products for ColourPop are $5.00!
So what are you chicas currently craving?

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