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Beauty Resolutions 2018


























For 2018 I am making some beauty resolutions.
Now the big goal is to be able to stick to the resolutions all year long.

You all know I have been dealing with acne all year long.
I must confess I did pretty good creating and maintaining a beauty routine all year long.
Honestly, it was a bit challenging, especially when you’re exhausted, or if you love to sleep like me.

For 2018 I want to improve my beauty routine even more by setting up some resolutions.

I can honestly say that I only went to bed with my make up on like four times this year.
I cannot emphasize how important it is to not go to sleep with your make up on, especially if you have problematic skin.

Below are the 5 Beauty Resolutions I am making for 2018.

1. Find a Dermatologist to treat my acne

I have tried all sorts of acne products, high end, and drug store brands.
None of them have worked. 
I have a better understanding that my acne is caused by stress and probably lousy eating habits too.
I had weekly facials almost all year long, and it helped a little, but my acne is still pretty bad.
I also started birth control. 
At this point, I need more help than my typical ways of treating my acne to prevent further damage.

2.  Start an anti-aging routine

I was recently having a conversation with my mom regarding anti-aging practices. She was sharing with me how although money has always been a challenge, she always managed to take care of her face and neck. She kind of got on to me because I’ve been so bad with my skin. So for 2018, I am adding an anti-aging routine.

3. Take better care of my hair

I am super tempted to cut my hair already. 
The main reason is that it’s so damaged.
It might look healthy and voluptuous in my photos, but in reality, it is not.
It’s thin, and I have a lot of fall out, a LOT!
My hair is the last thing I take care of. There are days where I don’t even detangle.
I will just add my usual hair mousse and hair spray and call it a day.
My resolutions are to take better care of my hair and add serums to help me repair my hair.
Also, find out a way to work on my fall out, I shed a lot of you all.


4. Take Vitamins

This is going to be one of my main focuses for 2018.
Whether it is for my hair, skin, or just in general vitamins, I know my body will appreciate it.
I do believe I need some vitamins in my system.

5. Have weekly juice cleanse (Detox) challenges

This is something that my dad has been continuously telling me for a while.
He has told me to do this for at least a week, so I can try it and see the great benefits it can have on my body and skin.
Of course, I always blow him off and say yeah sure one day.
This year I am determined to try it.
I know this would be very beneficial to my skin.

My beauty resolutions are not out of the ordinary or super tricky, and they are more of a way to teach myself to treat my skin and health a bit better.

What about you all, what are some beauty resolutions you’re making for 2018?

Share them below with me!


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