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LORAC Love, Lust & Lace Alter Ego Lip Gloss Set

Holidays are over, and we all love them because that means we spend a lot more time with family and also because we tend to get gifts here and there. 

They also tend to be amazing Make up deals, with amazing Holiday Sets by our favorite brands, this year I was able to purchase 2 amazing holiday sets, as mentioned before on my blog being a single mom and make up lover is not the best combination on earth!

Now let’s talk about the Lorac Love, Lust & Lace Alter Ego Lip Gloss set, I am not much of a lip gloss fan but I decided to give this a try because my matte lippie addiction seems to just be taking over my lipstick holder.

I must confess I wasn’t expecting much of this set, since most gloss lippies aren’t very pigmented most of the time, but the glosses on this set are pigmented and apply flawlessly, the smell is awesome

Am I the only one that feels like tasting lipsticks when the smell delish!!??!! I hope not lol

Let’s begin with the packaging I am a lover of the Royal Blue Color and the lacy print makes it appeal so sexy. 

Lorac Alter Ego Lip gloss

The set comes with 6 lip glosses for only $25.00, each gloss individually cost you $15.00 so you do the math about how much you save with this deal!
Lorac Cosmetics
The pigmentation is amazing, the nudes are pigmented enough unlike others lip glosses that usually just show the gloss.
Lorac Lipgloss Swatches
Here are the swatches for you guys, as mentioned very pigmented and the smell makes you want to eat them lol
(Right to left)
Duchess(MY FAV)
Did anybody else got this Holiday set? How did you like it? 
Share your thoughts below!

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