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ColourPop, just like the name is currently popping errrrrwhereeee!
I have been following this cosmetic brand for quite a while, tracking what eerrrrbody is posting about them, weather is good or bad. 
When new make up brands suddenly pop, we often wonder if it’s really worth the hype or not. 
The reason we have more doubts when it comes to cosmetics is because we often see our favorite beauty gurus so into the brands, which it makes us wonder if they’re just creating the hype as promotion or if the brand is really all that.
ColourPop Ultra Matt Lipsticks

So what makes ColourPop so popular?
first of all the price range is AMAZEEEEEEEN!
All of the products range from $5.00 to $8.00 and all products have amazing formulas. 
Now, you can’t beat that! 
ColourPop Swatches
We often pay more money for similar products with pretty much the same formulas.
There’s this line on their ‘About Us’ section which is We think that whole barrier between fancy and affordable is absolute nonsense” and that is the main reason I was drawn into this brand. This is also so true although we spend mucho, and I mean mucho dinero on make up, sometimes the prices becomes so ridiculous, but not with ColourPop.
For my first purchase I decided to go with just lip products. 
I got 5 Ultra Matte Lipsticks and 1 Lippie Stix.
The colors I decided to go with were:


(because I am a Taurus)

ColourPop Lips

-Dr. M

Overall I liked most of them, although I was very excited about Dr. M I found the formula on that particular one, really sticky and overly dry, as well as HighBall
I was really excited about rocking Dr. M more but honestly I don’t think that will happen, unless I re-order the lipstick again and see how the formula on that one is.

I am satisfied with my first purchase with ColourPop and will definitively recommend it to all of the Queens out there looking for good quality and affordable lip, eye and check products!

What are your fave ColourPop products?
 I’d like to know!


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