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Adios 2016 and Welcome 2017!
I honestly don’t have anything planned for the day.
In some cases other mamis tend to be running around, making dinner, cleaning up you name it.
Not my case I like to rest during holidays lol 
With all this running around is important for us mamis to take some me time and get beautified as well, reason why I decided to put together this quick and easy look for  
New Years Eve!

Holidays are all about reds, greens, sparkle and brightness all over town, home and everywhere.
 This is where my inspiration came from.

I wanted to create a look that was simple and easy to do yet that made me pop!
 Whether you host at party at home or are headed somewhere this New Year’s eve this look is great for any type of event or even if you stay at home and want to feel beautiful!

I decided to keep the eye look very simple with just a pop o color under the lash line!
Also lashes made the look pop even more!

Also a statement necklace can make the look more adequate for an evening party!

For the final touch Red lips are the main statement of the look, plus if you’re superstitious we can count our red lipsticks as our lucky charm for love! 

I wish everyone nothing but an amazing end of 2016 and a great start to 2017!

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