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Currently there have been a lot of new make-up products that hit the market all at once, maybe not all at once but it feels just like that.
I have listed the 3 items I am currently craving and pretty much I want to buy, I want to try, I want to play with, well you know what I mean lol.

1. IT COSMETICS- Your Skin But Better CC Cream with SPF 50+

I have been trying to tone it down a little on the foundation due to my acne; I want to give my face a break, but lord I really cannot go on in life without any sort of coverage on my face.Besides the fact that the acne looks hideous, I look weird and of course working at a hotel and right in the front is not such a good presentation standing here with a bare face.Therefore the reason I want to give this a try, I am just not sure how this will work out since it’s fall season and this is more adequate for summer time?!!

2. IT Cosmetics- Brush Bath Purifying Brush Cleaner

One of the things that I drag and I must admit I hate doing is washing my make-up brushes, yeah I know you all are going to say eww que cochina, but I just do.
Therefore I have been wanting to try this product to reduce the cleaning time on my brushes, because every time that day comes, while I’m washing my brushes  I feel like throwing some away, or than I begin to questions myself why the hell do I have all this brushes?!! Do you do this? Or is it only me?
I saw a blogger mentioning this product for cystic acne, of course for a quick fix not that is going to clear up your entire face after the 1st use. Since I have been dealing with a lot of acne, I have been wanting to try this out for that one cystic spot that I want to tone down for a special occasion.

Let me know what are you guys currently craving! I want to know!


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