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Being a single mother has been a blessing for me, and no I am not lying. 

Although sometimes it can be overwhelming I find it as a blessing. 
You may be asking why is it a blessing but yet I find it overwhelming, well that reason it’s because since I am the main source of income, I always have to be working.
I kind of sucked it up for the past six years, but there are times, where I wish I had a bit more time to spend with my cheeseball. 
For instance being able to take my vacation, during the summer time so we can take a 5 day vacay somewhere, being able to let her sleep more during summer time and not wake her up at 6 am. 

That has been the one thing I don’t like about being a single mom, but hey it can be worse right?
Buttttt since I am unable to take vacations more often or more trips here and there this summer due to adulthood aka having to work, I decided to find things to do locally that we both can enjoy.

This one in particular is one that we love to do often and not to mention is FREE!
The Sundance Square plaza, has a fantastic fountain area where kids are allowed to cool off until 6pm. 
After 6 they are only for viewing, while you drink either your fave Starbucks or Jamba juice!
Please note, kids are not allowed to use bathing suits, just bring them with light clothes, and don’t forget to pack them a snack and a clothing change for when they are done!
Below are some images from our most recent trip to the fountains!

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