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Two weeks after the beginning of the year, I can officially say that the year has started.

For some reason I feel like the first two weeks of the year still feels like the previous year or is it only me that feels that way?

Magnolia Market Waco

For the past year when the new year hits I come up with a word for the upcoming year that I want to use as inspiration.

This year is no different.
 I decided to choose my word for 2019.
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We live in a world full of constant pressures.

We often come across the perfect mom, dedicated wife, the amazing body, great career and great relationship.

Honestly, as much as we try not to compare ourselves, we simply can’t.

Crystal Cove

We simply can’t help but to pressure ourselves with what we “think” we should be doing.

Self-doubt is something that is hard for us to understand, but that we constantly fall for.
I’ve been a victim of this feeling several times.

As we begin to age, not that 28 or 30 is such an old age, we often get pressured about what we should accomplish by a certain age or time frames.
For the most part we put the pressure on ourselves.

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THINGS I WANT TO TEACH MY DAUGHTER ABOUT BEING STRONGBeing strong is a difficult subject to discuss.
2017 was the year where being too strong finally bit me on the tail.
2018 I want to focus a little more and experience vulnerability.
Confession, I can’t say vulnerability in real life lol.

I’ve discussed before how my daughter experiences sensitivity a lot more than a I do.
For the past few years, I’ve had the wrong concept when it came to being strong.
With a little time I was able to gather some ideas on what to teach my daughter about being strong.

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Hello 2018!

For this year I wanted to start my first 2018 blog post with something different.
This is the first time I am choosing a word for 2018.


(of a living thing) undergo natural development by increasing in size and changing physically; progress to maturity.

For the past few years I’ve been afraid to grow.
I’ve been making up tons of excuses.
I have been sitting in my comfort zone for too long, way too long I would say.
I’ve been wanting to learn more or do different things.

I feel like my brain is not capable of learning more than what I know.

Which is dumb, I know.

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About two weeks ago, I had the pleasure to attend a brunch event with Planned Parenthood and We All Grow Latina Network.

We had brunch while we were being educated about what, and how planned parent hood has and can help our Latino community.

When it comes to the sexual topics, and sexual health, the Hispanic community tends to go nuts about it.
Meaning, they do not want to discuss and almost make you feel like you’re committing the biggest sin, just by simply talking or asking about it.

In better words, there is a huge taboo around this subject and Latinos.

#Fight4BirthControlOne of the biggest taboo within the latinas, is birth control.

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Tell me if Ana Flores and the We All Grow Latina Network don’t freaking ROCK??!!!

They always, always exceed all expectations!

Lately I have been all about the feel of being at the right place at the right time.

This past month I was able to attend the second #WeAllGrowFamilia Event at Munchkin headquarters.

This year I had a special guest to go with me.

WE ALL GROW FAMILIA 2017Photo Credit: Robson Muzel

My daughter was able to attend the event with me, since we had a last minute baby sitter hiccup.

I was a little skeptical and afraid she was not going to enjoy the event or ask me to leave every hour.
Luckily, that was not the case, she actually enjoyed and kept on asking questions about people in there.

She was very curious as to what everyone was doing there and what they did.

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We have been into school mode for almost three months.
My daughter second grade teacher is focusing intensely in reading this year.

When it comes to reading, our kids tend to dread reading time often or at least mine.
I find that when I say “Jailah it’s time to read” she tries almost everything to not do it.

Of course as a mom we MUST always find ways to implement things our kids don’t like and make them like it right??!!!

While listening to my daughter read on one of her reading nights, I figured I could maybe do something outside of the ordinary and have reading afternoons at the park.

Reading at the park nights

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NewPort Beach
This year has been a roller coaster for me.

I have been stuck in a weird funk since March.
I am very analytic, way to analytic I would say and other people too.
After attending a big event this year, I started analyzing every single aspect of what I have been doing, and what I wanted to do.

I thought I had figured it out, but honestly I was still feeling stuck.
Until this day, there are days where I still feel stuck in that funk.
I hate feeling stuck because when I feel like that way, I know what I need to do to get out of it, but it’s like I’m limited and I can’t move forward.

Usually when I feel this way, I begin to over analyze and over think about every single thing.
My main focus than directs to everything I have not been able to complete or accomplish, rather than the things I have completed.
I started out my blog as an outlet to regain some “Me Time”

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My daughter has a very strong personality, but she’s also very, very sensitive which I admit a lot of the times, it upsets me. It has been a little difficult for me to understand and learn her sensitive side.
My casa is filled with nothing but Taureans, my mom, brother, dughter and me. Let me tell you it has been a challenge understanding our personalities.
Most of us have more of the stronger side of the Taurean personality, but on the other side my daughter seems to be a bit more on the sensitive side of the sign. 
I wasn’t so blessed with the sensitive side, which is hard for me to understand sometimes because I have a very strong personality lol



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Ocotber 22, 2016 I was invited to attend the #WeAllGrowFamilia event at the Munchkin Head Quarters.
I received the invitation almost last minute which I was very, very thankful for.

I took my time in writing this post because, I wanted to make sure I shared everything I had in mind, I wanted all the learning to settled in my brain, and share with you all my most genuine thoughts on this experience.
we all grow familia

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