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My daughter has a very strong personality, but she’s also very, very sensitive which I admit a lot of the times, it upsets me. It has been a little difficult for me to understand and learn her sensitive side.
My casa is filled with nothing but Taureans, my mom, brother, dughter and me. Let me tell you it has been a challenge understanding our personalities.
Most of us have more of the stronger side of the Taurean personality, but on the other side my daughter seems to be a bit more on the sensitive side of the sign. 
I wasn’t so blessed with the sensitive side, which is hard for me to understand sometimes because I have a very strong personality lol



She can switch pretty quick to the stubborn side, yet I feel like her sensitive side outweighs more the other one.
This sign is so sensitive due to the fact that Taureans rule by their five senses, sight, taste, touch, smell and sound!
Since they use all five senses, every experience for a Taurus is more intense. 
I often question my daughter sensitivity, which is often mistaken by being chiquiada (spoiled) we often miss that Taureans sees, hears, tastes, smells and ‘feels’ all at the same time.
Understanding some characteristics from the sign is where I have learned to manage my daughters personality a bit better.
I want to share with you all four tips for raising a Taurus daughter, being a Taurus my self I know this one right here is challenging.
1.    Be easy when it comes to changes.
Taureans have this thing that once they have found the right routine for them; it’s very, very hard for them to make changes. Any changes require a lot of preparation so they can easy into it. Please be cautious if you’re trying to switch routines, it is not going to go very well if you make sudden changes.
2.    Punishments are not your best option.
Now this is a hard one, I can tell you that growing up I was very, very stubborn (main known characteristic for a Taurus) I remember my mom will punish me a lot, and not only that I will feel the powerful love of the belt, yet I would still not get the point and it will only make my attitude worse, and my stubbornness to follow directions will flourish more!
The broken record technique is a good tool for disciplining taureans. If they don’t listen, continue to repeat the same boundary or rule over and over again (without losing your cool) good luck with that too!
 It’s a very tough situation for us moms, but even now my mom shares how she learned this method with me, because she knew that the only to get through me are sometimes letting me cool down, than go over what she needed me to do, and still till this day. 
I have found my self in this particular situation a lot with my daughter as well ????
3.    Don’t be afraid to show them extra love
Other of the main characteristics from a Taurus is their strength, therefore is quite surprising to know how much they enjoy extra love and affection. 
Although they rarely wear their emotions on their sleeves.
 Taureans often desire the need to be shown a lot of love. 
Don’t let their emotionally strong personality scare you, be generous in your hugs and let it be known- OFTEN!
4.    Independent is not always good
The Taurus personality trait shows they don’t go around looking for sympathy from others. They knows that they’re strong and can take care of things, and they show this characteristics early in age. 
They are strong believers in eating their feelings to avoid worrying the people they love. Although being independent is one of the best feelings, focus on constantly reminding them IT’S OK to ask for help, and in order to stay sane we must ask for help!
 I often run into this problem with my daughter, and not to mention myself, but little by little I’ve learned to ask for help and she has definitely improved as well.
Have many of you moms have Taurean daughters?
If you have more tips share them below, I’d like to know!


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