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My daughter turned nine on April 24.
Mother’s day was also almost two weeks ago.
Two significant dates for me to write and publish this post and share something from my heart.

Each year on this day, we celebrate the greatest gift that I could have ever been given. Even though she stole my birthday, the day she came into this world will always be my favorite.
As she’s getting older, it is both fantastic and unbelievably scary watching her grow into her person.

From the moment my cheese ball was born, she’s been a big baby.
I mean, just look at how tall she is for her age!

The journey of Motherhood is not easy, and my daughter has taught me many valuable life lessons these last nine years. 

There have been a lot of times where I’ve had to take a step back and re-think what I expect from her because, although she looks older, she’s still a little kid.
But then there are other moments where I’m thrown off a little and say, “Wait, is she trying to take advantage of my love?”

When it comes to Motherhood, we tend to overthink the majority of the time. We put unattainable expectations thinking we are wonder woman and often compare our parenting skills to our mothers.

Real-life pressures have helped me realize that Motherhood is not something you can figure out 100% of the time, despite the image that that perfect social media moms try to sell.

Below I am sharing nine lessons my daughter has taught me these nine years I’ve been able to spend with her.
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My daughter has a very strong personality, but she’s also very, very sensitive which I admit a lot of the times, it upsets me. It has been a little difficult for me to understand and learn her sensitive side.
My casa is filled with nothing but Taureans, my mom, brother, dughter and me. Let me tell you it has been a challenge understanding our personalities.
Most of us have more of the stronger side of the Taurean personality, but on the other side my daughter seems to be a bit more on the sensitive side of the sign. 
I wasn’t so blessed with the sensitive side, which is hard for me to understand sometimes because I have a very strong personality lol



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