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Tell me if Ana Flores and the We All Grow Latina Network don’t freaking ROCK??!!!

They always, always exceed all expectations!

Lately I have been all about the feel of being at the right place at the right time.

This past month I was able to attend the second #WeAllGrowFamilia Event at Munchkin headquarters.

This year I had a special guest to go with me.

WE ALL GROW FAMILIA 2017Photo Credit: Robson Muzel

My daughter was able to attend the event with me, since we had a last minute baby sitter hiccup.

I was a little skeptical and afraid she was not going to enjoy the event or ask me to leave every hour.
Luckily, that was not the case, she actually enjoyed and kept on asking questions about people in there.

She was very curious as to what everyone was doing there and what they did.

We all grow familia
Photo Credit: Robson Muzel

Once again the we all grow Latina network did not disappoint us at all.
They put an amazing event for us to enjoy, learn and connect with influencers in the parenting community.

This event always is much more intimate than the regular we all grow summit event.

I love that it feels that way, and that it actually is more intimate.

On this post I am sharing with you all my recap of the event, as well as my favorite part about it.

The Location

The event was held once again at Munchkin Inc in Van Nuys Ca.

Munchkin Inc.Photo Credit: Robson Muzel

This place is filled with unique art all over, from the moment you enter, all throughout the patio, and work area.

Steven Dunn
Photo Credit: Robson Muzel

Once again like last year, the CEO Steven Dunn welcomed us at his casa and also offered tours of the amazing Munchkin head quarters.

Munchkin Inc

The Sessions

The learning sessions at this event are pretty cool, all at one place and at the same time.
You are not pulled into different directions trying to decide which session to attend.

This is the one thing I absolutely love about the #WeAllGrowFamilia Event.

Events like #WeAllGrowFamilia are events, that are even going to inspire you or leave in a funk because you might feel like you may not be doing things right, or on top like other influencers you meet at these type of events.

The key is to not overwhelm yourself, soak in as much as you can and try to apply it little by little.

Photo Credit: Robson Muzel

Sessions offered at events like these, are super eye opening but can also be overwhelming.
You will be filled with new ideas and new things you can work on and focus.

Let me take you back to my sentence where I mentioned I was at the right place at the same time, I say this because there was a session named: The Path to Mompreneurship Success presented by Laura Fuentes founder of Momables


She shared her story about before she got started into the business.

What captivated my heart during her session was, how detailed she was sharing how she began, her real life story before how she got started and who she is besides Momables.

What sparked her drive to be successful.
She shared a story about when she came to the United States and how she pushed her self to learn English, and always want more for her self.
How she did not wanted to be in ESL classes for ever.
She wanted to move up and she persevered and worked hard to achieve and now look at her and her success.


I was particularly touched by this story as a dreamer my self I went through the same process once I arrived to the United States.
I was placed in ESL classes, of course they are helpful at the beginning but you also never want to stay there for ever.
I wanted more, I wanted to push for myself and be better.
Learn the language quicker.
Of course I still don’t quite know it perfectly but hey, at least I can understand.

Where am I going with this, you may be asking yourself, well this was my push to remind my self that although I am constantly filled with doubt and I constantly give up.

I have to stop and think on what I have done to move forward and keep on going.
Envision what I want, and how to get there.

Laura said everything I needed to hear at this moment in my life.

She stated things like, “The path to success is not something you can buy”
It’s not having a goal, goals are great but they are just steps to fill in a vision.
She invited us to share our visions, because when you share your vision the more real it becomes.
I can honestly go on and on about her session, but I have linked it here where you can fully see it!

For   session, all I’m going to say is THANK YOU!!!

Sponsor Stations

This year was no different we were pampered with amazing sponsors.
They all ensured we learned more about the products and what they offer.


Canticos Books
Canticos World Books
Baby Alive Dolls
Baby Alive Doll

The Food

Please tell me I was not the only one patiently waiting for those Snack breaks??!!
When it comes to the food and snacks We all grow is always a pro at Wowing us with amazing food!

This time was no different.
Just look at the amazing food out tummies were able to enjoy!!
Cafe Santo
The most requested booth at the event, NON STOP from the beginning!


Once again, a great #WeAllGrowFamilia Event

What is one thing you’re taking from the sessions?

Leave me a comment below!


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