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3 Things I am taking from the We All Grow Summit 2016 Conference

Two weeks later and I am still amazed by the amazing experience in Volunteering at the We All Grow Summit 2016!

I want to thank Xenia and everyone in the We All Grow Team for letting me be a part of this amazing experience!

Live in AWE

Bueno, back to the topic right?! You guys have no idea how much knowledge, and how empowering this conference was. I personally have been stressing my self thinking if blogging is really what I want to do, if I even have a chance, if I can accomplish this, what should I work on, what I need to focus on, well you get it right? 
Hearing the stories, from all of this wonderful, successful ladies was such a relief and eye opener for me. Although I learned a lot, and I mean a lot I narrowed it down to 3 things I want to take with me and focus on the most.

Latina Bloggers Connect

1. “Focus on ONE thing that you are good at” This is something I heard all 3 days from different influencers, how many times specially us moms try to master more than one thing? than when we are unable to master it we feel like total loser’s don’t we? constantly hearing this words come out from influencers I look up to made me realize that you don’t have to be a master in 1,000 things, I must focus on one thing first!

2. “You need to be ready and know who you are and what you want to represent with your brand” there was one person in particular that impacted me a lot, and I mean muchoooo! When people asked me what did I do? I answered by saying “I have a blog but I am just starting” I realized that by me saying this is a form of me showing that I am not ready or that I don’t believe in what I am doing. 
This señorita named Stephanie made me hit rock bottom when she said “If you had 2 minutes in an elevator with someone you always wanted to work with, and they asked you what do you do? what would you say?” she also talked about having a back up plan, everything comes to an end and to look outside the hype

We all grow summit
3. Like Drake said “Started from the bottom now they’re here” How many times we watch our fave YouTubers, Bloggers and say damn how are they on top, it must have been so easy etc.. They shared stories on how they started and how long it took them, it was not an easy road for them either, which made me realize that I am the one in control of my future, no one else can make things happen for me, but me!


Definitely a life changing experience!

Stay tuned for the second part of this blog post!
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