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Jailah’s First Official Beuty Pageant

Jailah (my cheeseball) recently participated in a local beauty pageant with the Miss Fort Worth Texas Latina Organization

We started this journey back in September with weekly practices, etiquette classes and even a Karate Class.
We had such an amazing pageant coach Edna Tijerina, we loved her because she teaches this girls that beauty is not everything, education plays a major key in her organization! 

This was the very 1st picture she took when she started the journey!
Jailah Diaz

Jailah has been into this industry since she was 3 I would say. She’s all about that sassy walk, making her personal videos, dancing and loves the camera. Although she loves all this things when it comes to performing in front of a crowd she would just freeze, this wasn’t the case this time.
Miss Fort Worth Texas Latina

Our children can be very open at home and into all of this things but, it makes a huge difference when it comes to actually perform, or participate at a event.

This pageant was a great opportunity for Jailah to learn how to get rid of stage fright and also because I want her to be able to discover if this is what she really loves doing.

Edna Tijerina
The big day for the crown was this past February 28th and I was amazed by the way she performed. 
Prior to this event she participated in a small competition were she was selected but we decided to not follow through because I didn’t feel like she was ready.
She performed amazing, not because she is my daughter, her coach Edna constantly had to remind her to smile and I was amazed that she did not forget to smile not once during the event! Honestly that is the one thing I am most proud about!
The Beautiful Queen’s & Judges!  
All the girls proceed to present who they were, Name, Age and Ethnicity, it was an amazing feeling to hear my negrita say she is MEXICAN-AMERICAN!   

It was time for the walk, they performed the first walk using their organization uniform.

It was time for the second outfit, their creative outfit, we decided to do a fashion outfit, because she is into the fashion world.
Work it girrrrrl!
Look at that SMILE!
It was time to crown the new two winner’s and although Jailah did not win, I am beyond proud, and amazed of how open and how much she evolved through out this event.
Congratulations to Mia and Alicia!!!!!
I want to thank Edna Tijerina, Hector Torres, and Cece for such an amazing opportunity and for ensuring the Latino’s make their mark in the DFW Metroplex and everywhere else!
Please ensure to Follow the organization as well as their Facebook Pages to stay up to date with Miss Fort Worth Texas Latina.
***Please note that all photos are not mine and belong to Hector Torres Photography Studio and was acquired permission to use by Pageant director Edna Tijerina***

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