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In today’s post I want to bring you all the amazing experience in Volunteering at the #WeAllGrow Summit 2016.




There are no enough words to really describe the amazing , pampering, and fun experience. So I decided to put it together in photos!




I was helping out at the Register table, which got a little cray cray (I hope my fave Influencers don’t hate me when we were struggling to find their names)

*Photo Cred: 
This lady in particular,  touch my heart.
I want to thank her so, so much for feeding me the first day!
She shared this story to me on how this night was the first time she had smile, since a really long time, her sister is fighting cancer. I am so happy #WeAllGrow was able to steal a smile from her.

Registration Table Day Uno!
(Se puso canijo!!!)
The Coolest, mom, soon to be G-MA!
I thought she was like 25 lol no joke, I want to be like her when I grow up!
La Patrona! AKA the #BossLady
Mas sencilla, no puede ser esta mujer!
Another Patrona  and SHE COOOOOKS bad a** food!!! lol
I felt like she wanted to slap me when I was being slow, than she said no there is no rush!
First momment of #AWE provided by @HamptonByHilton
My Beauty Jalima, Thanks for every single word you said to me!!!
Luff You!
This woman, is amazing!
Mom to the amazing soul in the photo above!
This chica sencilles y on a hunned!
She was one of the first chica’s I found digging through this blogging world!
Thanks for being the way you are and so inspiring!
Another chica that I discovered while working, and just instantly loved what she does!
La Chulaaaaaaa!
La persona que confirma aun mas que #SingleMomsRock
Gracias por las palabras que me diste!
Bien Chevere esta mujer, exactamente como se ve en YouTube, there was not one day I didn’t see her smile!
I’ve always loved this chica, looks, and it was amazing to meet her!


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