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Long-time no see huh?! I know.

Blame Mercury Retrograde…

Back in August, I traveled to New York City for the very first time in my life.

New York City
The Big Apple was on my to-do list for sure, but I never felt that OMG feeling in my stomach to go visit. Am I making any sense?

Well, I hope I do.

I arrived late in New York after my flight was delayed for 3 hrs.

I was scared, I’m not going to lie. You know me, I’m always acting strong.
On the ride to my hotel I couldn’t concentrate on what my Lyft driver was telling me, (I had a very, very talkative driver) I was so focused on seeing everything around me. Read more

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Disney world 2018

Our Birthday was back in April.

It’s no secret that instead of planning parties (which in my opinion parties are a waste of dinero)

I would rather Jailah have an experience that she will always remember.

She’s only had two actual birthday parties, her first birthday and when she turned 7.

Instead, we do birthday trips.

We usually take our birthday trip during the same month as our birthdays, but this year we decided to wait a little longer.

Our destination: Disney World!

We’ve been to Disneyland 3 times.

For most of our trips of we head over to the west coast, California specifically, which we love and can never get enough of.

This year we decided to switch it up and head over to the east coast, give Florida a try, and visit Disney World.

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It is no secret that a lot of #WeAllGrow Summit attendees were

a bit stressed about what to wear for the event.

Including my self.

I had a vision of what I wanted to wear.
Although low key I knew it wasn’t going to work out for me.

Two weeks before the event I started to officially look for outfits.
You know it wouldn’t be me if I didn’t leave things till the last minute.
I researched online boutiques, amazon, clothing stores, the mall, you name it!

I think what got me a little stressed was the welcoming party on the first night.
Last year event was something more chill, so it was easy for me to put an outfit together.
This year Neutrogena wanted to go all out with a carpet welcoming party.

I am not really into dresses.
I’m short so I don’t think that they favor me very much.
Plus you know I got lonjas (love handles)

Finally, two days before the event I was able to put my outfits together.
Which I wanted to share with you all on this post.

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NewPort Beach
This year has been a roller coaster for me.

I have been stuck in a weird funk since March.
I am very analytic, way to analytic I would say and other people too.
After attending a big event this year, I started analyzing every single aspect of what I have been doing, and what I wanted to do.

I thought I had figured it out, but honestly I was still feeling stuck.
Until this day, there are days where I still feel stuck in that funk.
I hate feeling stuck because when I feel like that way, I know what I need to do to get out of it, but it’s like I’m limited and I can’t move forward.

Usually when I feel this way, I begin to over analyze and over think about every single thing.
My main focus than directs to everything I have not been able to complete or accomplish, rather than the things I have completed.
I started out my blog as an outlet to regain some “Me Time”

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Last month I was supposed to go out for vacation with my child, for some reason we were never able to come to an agreement on where we were going to go.
Than when we had a location, but something didn’t feel right.
I sort of always tend to be pretty good with intuitions, therefore when I decide to ignore red lights, I take it upon myself really hard.
This time I really went with my intuition and we cancelled plane tickets and all.
Fast forward to the day of our vacation, we decided to road trip and go somewhere “Local”
 Target Style

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Man rompers might not be the best idea ever, but us chicas, we are totally loving the romper trend. 
Well I am!
Recently I’ve found my self purchasing quite a few rompers, I just love how you have to only worry about one piece of clothing, instead of trying to match several pieces.

Target Red Romper

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How many times have you guys heard that Texas has the most bipolar weather everrrrr?!
 I bet a whole bunch of times huh?
That is such a true statement, during January we went from, rain, ice, tornadoes to amazing sunny days.
In particular I was in love with how amazing January 16th was.
It was such a beautiful day, the sky looked amazing.

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Since I wasn’t able to take any vacation during the summer, I decided to spoil my little one during the month of November.
Why California again?
 Well I think it’s clear enough we just love it there.
We were actually planning on heading to Florida but we opted for California once again.
Now this is more of a short get away and some us time (like we don’t spend enough time together)
We are practically glued all the time!
Hermosa Beach Ca

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