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Why is it that I can’t find anyone to adopt my daughter and me in California?
I mean is not like we don’t know our way around anyways.

We were supposed to be in California for a wedding over in Visalia, CA.
Once we were in town, which was very similar to Texas, I looked up significant cities around us.

Fresno was the closest major city, but I also noticed that San Francisco was about three and a half hours away.

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Disney world 2018

Our Birthday was back in April.

It’s no secret that instead of planning parties (which in my opinion parties are a waste of dinero)

I would first Jailah have an experience that she will always remember.

She’s only had two actual birthday parties, her first Birthday and when she turned 7.

Instead, we make birthday trips.

We usually take our birthday trip during the same month as our birthdays, but this year we decided to wait a little longer.

Our destination: Disney World!

We’ve been to Disneyland 3 times.

For most of our trips of we head over to the west coast, California specifically, which we love and can never get enough of.

This year we decided to switch it up and head over to the east coast, give Florida a try, and visit Disney World.

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NewPort Beach
This year has been a roller coaster for me.

I have been stuck in a weird funk since March.
I am very analytic, way to analytic I would say and other people too.
After attending a big event this year, I started analyzing every single aspect of what I have been doing, and what I wanted to do.

I thought I had figured it out, but honestly I was still feeling stuck.
Until this day, there are days where I still feel stuck in that funk.
I hate feeling stuck because when I feel like that way, I know what I need to do to get out of it, but it’s like I’m limited and I can’t move forward.

Usually when I feel this way, I begin to over analyze and over think about every single thing.
My main focus than directs to everything I have not been able to complete or accomplish, rather than the things I have completed.
I started out my blog as an outlet to regain some “Me Time”

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Since I wasn’t able to take any vacation during the summer, I decided to spoil my little one during the month of November.
Why California again?
 Well I think it’s clear enough we just love it there.
We were actually planning on heading to Florida but we opted for California once again.
Now this is more of a short get away and some us time (like we don’t spend enough time together)
We are practically glued all the time!
Hermosa Beach Ca

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Last month (April) I was able to make a quick trip to the lovely #California as you all know, my heart kind of belongs there. Although this was a short trip, I decided to make it a lifetime memory for my cheese-ball and my self of course.


Since our birthday was April 24th (yes my daughter was born on my birfffday, she stole my birffday) I really did not have anything planned. I know, I am really bad at making plans for birfffdays and celebrations.
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I have this very bad habit of over thinking things, plans or people a lot, like I over think something at least 100 times (no lie) 
Back in April  I traveled to #California to mark off one of my #MamiGoals which was to take my Daughter to Disneyland for her 5th birthday. 
Holiday Inn Express
Holiday Inn Express Hawthorne

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TRAVEL Bucket List 2016

Welcome to 2016! 

Ayyyy wey we are totally into a new year and I am honestly ok with it. 

Other years I tend to beat my self on how sucky it might of been, but I am leaning how to become more Thankful and appreciative of what I actually have, rather than bitching of what I don’t have.

In 2015 I was able to travel over to a few places, from short road trips to spending 15 days in California which is where my heart is and most importantly taking my Cheeball to Disneyland for her 5th birthday.

Traveling will be one of the things I want to experience more in 2016. Working in the Hospitality industry has it’s perks and I am willing to start using them, not to mention my daughter loves to travel!

Let’s get our list started!

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This summer is almost over…honestly I haven’t really felt like its summer, usually here in Texas we are all toasted by this time frame but we haven’t had a HOT HOT summer this year, util recently last couple of weeks and everyone seems to be bit*** about it already -___-

I enjoy going here and there once in a while, my daughter actually loves to travel and stay at hotels and of course it’s always a good thing I work in the hotel industry otherwise I don’t think we could go here and there very often.

So far we’ve taken two small trips, which were to Austin, TX and Galveston, TX. She loves the water, pools you name it, I tell her she will turn into a mermaid and she gets all exited lol.

Packing for trips is such a hard thing for us women don’t you think? we have soooo much stuff we ‘need’ that we just can just leave it behind even if it means not using it for one or two days, isn’t this true?

Back in April when I went to #California I stuffed a big ol’ 29 in, expandable rolling bag, and honestly I had more make up and shoes than anything else. 

I had to be sent back twice to re arrange my stuff so I wouldn’t have to pay overweight fees ughhhh worst thing ever.

Taking this smalls trips, I’ve learned to say no to all the beauty products I love and only take the ones that I actually need the most.

Take a look at my necessities for when I travel.

Skin Care

Murad Acne Starter Kit

Since my ance is on at a 100% I found this travel size Murad acne treatment (face wash not photographed)
I have been using this to sort of keep my acne less active and the size is perfecto to travel with.

Moisturizers ( I don’t know how to pronounce this in real life lol)

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