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Hello September!
I don’t even think I should mention that our months feel so much more like days, should I?
I hope all you mamis had a productive August!
A couple of weeks ago, I was able to to get out of my comfort zone, of course all because of my daughter and my friend, not really because I wanted to.

My friend Erica invited us to the Dallas Arboretum (in real life I don’t know how to pronounce that word) 

Dallas Arboretum

I am so thankful because she constantly contacts me to do things, unusual things that I don’t do.  
Which I thank her so much for making me do unusual things!
You all know I am not much of an outside person, my head starts to hurt, and yeah I just have a fuchi face most of the time lol. 
We decided to explore the Dallas Arboretum for this first time since they were running a promotion during August where the Admission price was only $1.00 and parking was $5.00.

It was such a good deal that we decided to try it out.
We also arrived kind of late, so we weren’t there all day, it was more like a testing the waters kind of thing.
I must confess I enjoyed it, and I would love to go back and maybe do a bit more planning.
I was surprised it had an amazing view to the lake, it had different garden areas with waterfalls.

Just a bit much walking lol Erica and I did complaint a bit about that…. (of course we are not those kind of super sporty mamis) 
Our girls seemed to really enjoy it, they took over and explored alone, ran, and jumped around.


Only thing we couldn’t get out of them was pose for some pictures…..(rolls eyes)
But I was able to force them to take a few lol

Arboretum Lake

  I was shocked that Jailah (my daughter) did not complaint once about the walking, she tends to be a lot like me when it comes to walking to much.

Ensure to take waterssssss, or something to drink, we made a huge mistake not taking something to drink and we almost felt like drinking water from the fountains you find along the arboretum. 
God bless that lady that gave us a tea when we asked her about the vending machines! 
The arboretum is an amazing place for picnics , and also visit the Kids area, which looked pretty cool.
The kids area was closing by the time we arrived and our little one’s were not that happy.
Here are some photos we took, during our visit at the Dallas Arboretum, I definitely suggest for an outing with the kiddos and family!


The fall will be the perfect time to visit the Arboretum, since the weather gets nicer during those months!

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