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THINGS I WANT TO TEACH MY DAUGHTER ABOUT BEING STRONGBeing strong is a difficult subject to discuss.
2017 was the year where being too strong finally bit me on the tail.
2018 I want to focus a little more and experience vulnerability.
Confession, I can’t say vulnerability in real life lol.

I’ve discussed before how my daughter experiences sensitivity a lot more than a I do.
For the past few years, I’ve had the wrong concept when it came to being strong.
With a little time I was able to gather some ideas on what to teach my daughter about being strong.

Being Strong is being soft and vulnerable.

You are allowed to be open, weak and confident all at the same time.
Being strong is putting yourself first.
Especially your happiness.
San Antonio Texas

Being strong is cancelling plans, saying no and getting enough sleep.
Being strong is being there for others but not at the expense of your own safety, health or happiness.

Being strong is letting go of friends, family or relations that no longer serve you. ConfidenceBeing strong is accepting your imperfections.

Being strong is choosing humility.

Being strong is knowing when to fight the big fights and to let the little ones go so your mental health isn’t at danger.

Being strong is falling down 9 times and getting up 10.
Being strong does not mean you can’t reach out to others.

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What are some things you’re teaching your kids about being strong?
I’d like to know!

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