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Epics Water GP

When you think about water parks, you instantly think, “My wallet is going to get hit hard” at least that’s what I would think.
Especially as a single mom.
You know nowadays most activities or attractions are super expensive.
They have all these insane charges that can make it difficult for you to experience with your kiddos.
I had the opportunity to visit Epic Waters Indoor Water Park this past winter!
I mean I would never have imagined you can go to the water park during the winter, but now you can!!
All year round!

We spent eight full hours at the largest indoor water park under a single retractable roof in North America!

Yep, that is correct, there’s finally an indoor water park that is open year-round in the DFW.

If you know my daughter, you probably would see that she was a mermaid in her past life.
She loves the water, the ocean, water parks, pools, and activities that have to do with water.
But let me tell you she doesn’t like to shower!
Now that makes no sense at all, does it?

She’s always looking forward to summer because she knows we always go to the water park several times, and this past summer, I got her a small pool for our back yard.

She’s the type that doesn’t enjoy winter break because it’s cold and there are no water activities, besides a bath lol.
If your child is like my daughter and you are a single mom like me, I have the perfect water park to take your kids to without breaking the bank.

epic water gp
epic water gp

 I want to share why you should make your way to the water park and experience it yourself.

Convenient location & Amenities
Epic Waters, which just opened in January 2018, is located in Grand Prairie, TX, is perfectly situated between Dallas and Fort Worth. I love that it’s only 30 mins from our casa. Since opening, the park has attracted guests from around Texas and the world.
I love that they focused on better guest experience by only allowing 1,500 guests into the facility. I know a lot of you can see it as a negative, but it’s not. There is a limit to the chaos and line waiting you will do at Epic Waters Park. How many times we go to a water park and have to wait so looooooong on specific attractions because the line is so long?
This is why it’s vital to purchase your tickets ahead of time and plan accordingly.

They offer FREE PARKING, as well.
I’ve been to multiple water parks, and they charge a high parking fee. You can also take a break by getting some playtime at the arcade.

In 2019, the park will open a 10,000 square-foot heated outdoor wave pool. We can’t wait for that one!!!
epic water gp

Great food for kids and adults

One of the things that truly surprised me was the fact that the food in the water park was relatively cheap and delicious.
Usually, establishments like these tend to be overpriced when it comes to food.
They have a bar right up front, so if you purchased only a spectator ticket, you could enjoy some good time at the bar.
The most expensive drink there is $6.00.

Epic Waters provided us with a covered cabana (they are available for reservation), which was so relaxing to hang out for a while and eat during our day at the water park!
The cabana comes with a server; I thought that was such a cool add on. They will come by every so often to see if you need anything and refresh your water pitcher.

Outside food and drinks are not permitted; however, you can come and go as you pleased with your wristband, so you could just bring an ice chest and leave it in your car.
If you come during the busy time frames, I wouldn’t suggest it.

The food options and the prices are so good and cheap!

epic water gp
Epic Waters GP

Open year-round

One of the fantastic benefits it’s that it’s open year-round. You don’t have to worry about summer or warm weather ending because the park will have the perfect temperature.
You don’t have to worry about winter, rain, wind or anything. I honestly can’t wait for summer when they open the retractable roof.
Some things to keep in mind would be bringing your towel, and Epic does not provide you with towels. They also have a charming shop where you can purchase towels and other items at a very REASONABLE PRICE!
Epic Waters Lifeassayra

As a single mom, I find the admission tickets very affordable.

I will highly suggest purchasing your tickets in advance, especially for holidays and peak seasons, to guarantee admission and maybe get some good deals!


Also, don’t forget to visit the park’s website and social media channels for more details.

Here’s a little photo diary from our experience.


epic water gp
Even in the night, you still feel like it’s day time.

The park offers wet and dry attractions for every member of the family, including 11 waterslides, (three of which are water park industry firsts), the longest indoor lazy river in Texas, (which I spent most of my time there) a children’s play area, arcade, full-service bar and table-service cabana which we loved by the way!
I hope you guys get to try this fantastic water park, and it will not disappoint you!



I was hosted at Epic Waters in exchange for media coverage. All opinions and thoughts are my own.

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