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NewPort Beach
This year has been a roller coaster for me.

I have been stuck in a weird funk since March.
I am very analytic, way to analytic I would say and other people too.
After attending a big event this year, I started analyzing every single aspect of what I have been doing, and what I wanted to do.

I thought I had figured it out, but honestly I was still feeling stuck.
Until this day, there are days where I still feel stuck in that funk.
I hate feeling stuck because when I feel like that way, I know what I need to do to get out of it, but it’s like I’m limited and I can’t move forward.

Usually when I feel this way, I begin to over analyze and over think about every single thing.
My main focus than directs to everything I have not been able to complete or accomplish, rather than the things I have completed.
I started out my blog as an outlet to regain some “Me Time”

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Welcome to fall.
Although in Texas we are still having summer-ish temperatures, we’ve had a couple of cold days.
People in Texas may say I’m exaggerating, but I just really don’t like cold weather.
I would rather deal with heat than cold.
Fall brings out all the copper-ish colors, which is the inspiration behind this make up look.

Pumpkin feels

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Last month I was supposed to go out for vacation with my child, for some reason we were never able to come to an agreement on where we were going to go.
Than when we had a location, but something didn’t feel right.
I sort of always tend to be pretty good with intuitions, therefore when I decide to ignore red lights, I take it upon myself really hard.
This time I really went with my intuition and we cancelled plane tickets and all.
Fast forward to the day of our vacation, we decided to road trip and go somewhere “Local”
 Target Style

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Merry Independence day to all my Mexican people!

If you didn’t know I was born in Mexico City, and today Septemeber 16
we celebrate our Independence day.
Growing up I remember my parents taking us to El Centro (historic center of Mexico, City) almost each year to celebrate independence day.
Now this is an actual holiday we celebrate and not 5 De Mayo! 

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If you don’t know by now I have been into burgundy colors a lot since last fall, even during summer time.
I have purchased quite a few, well technically a lot of dark lipsticks like if I don’t own at least one.

When I purchase them, I usually feel a sense of regret but than I’m like no, they aren’t all the same shade.

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As I’m getting ready to head over to Hispanicize Texas, in Houston Texas I decided to put together this make up look
 Hispanicize Texas 2017 I’m so excited that a big influencer conference/event is being held in Texas, as we all know, most of conferences like this always happen either in Los Angeles, Miami or New York.

I’ve been so lucky to attend a few conference in L.A, but I was more behind the scenes since I was volunteering, this time I will not be volunteering and it feels a little weird, because I like the craziness that goes on behind the scenes, the preparation and making sure everything is top notch for everyone to experience.

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Man rompers might not be the best idea ever, but us chicas, we are totally loving the romper trend. 
Well I am!
Recently I’ve found my self purchasing quite a few rompers, I just love how you have to only worry about one piece of clothing, instead of trying to match several pieces.

Target Red Romper

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Well, HELLO there!!

It’s been a while, like a really long while huh?!
Well I think I’ve voiced this out before but I have been in this funk since like March.
I’ve been pushing my self to get out of it but It hasn’t worked all the way.
Summer is officially HERE!
I’m glad to announce that I have found my way back into the colorful side.
Yellow is the new black
I got my nails done recently and while I was searching for a polish color I came across this OPI
I Just Can’t Cope-acabana color and I instantly fell in love with it.
This color totally brought me back to a little bit of creativity.

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My daughter has a very strong personality, but she’s also very, very sensitive which I admit a lot of the times, it upsets me. It has been a little difficult for me to understand and learn her sensitive side.
My casa is filled with nothing but Taureans, my mom, brother, dughter and me. Let me tell you it has been a challenge understanding our personalities.
Most of us have more of the stronger side of the Taurean personality, but on the other side my daughter seems to be a bit more on the sensitive side of the sign. 
I wasn’t so blessed with the sensitive side, which is hard for me to understand sometimes because I have a very strong personality lol



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How many times have you guys heard that Texas has the most bipolar weather everrrrr?!
 I bet a whole bunch of times huh?
That is such a true statement, during January we went from, rain, ice, tornadoes to amazing sunny days.
In particular I was in love with how amazing January 16th was.
It was such a beautiful day, the sky looked amazing.

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